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Eric Collard est l’un des 11 professeurs ChiRunning certifiés au Canada. Au cours des trois dernières années, il a enseigné cette technique à plus de 500 personnes d’un océan à l’autre. Il est aussi spécialiste de la prévention des blessures chez les coureurs et ancien ambassadeur course Lululemon.


As an avid runner that’s overcome a serious back injury, ChiRunning is a natural fit for me. It’s really helped me bring joy back to running while making me a more efficient runner. I’ve described it as yoga-like and the “thinking man’s running”. It makes you learn that everything truly comes from the core.

We don’t actually do much “running”, rather we concentrate on form and getting the basics down. There is a lot to learn in a short time!

I do these in very small groups so I can concentrate on giving feedback to everyone on their technique. I also answer questions during the break and at the end of the day so everyone can get something beneficial and personalized out of the workshop.

Triathlon Coaching

As a certified ChiRunning and running injury prevention specialist, a former Race Director and Spinning instructor and a Clydesdale athlete, I bring a diverse approach to coaching triathlon. I truly believe that being efficient and effective makes sure you get to the finish line and you cross it with a smile!

I’m a seasoned vet of the triathlon circuit, having competed all over North America, from the sprint distance all the way to the Ironman. I’m a big believer in training smarter and customizing training plans to the individual and keeping things fun so you’re in it for the long run.

After completing close to 50 multi-sport races, I now specialize in leading beginner triathletes to their goals. I taught a few introduction to triathlon classes through the City of Ottawa where I got the bug to pass on my passion.

Golf Fitness

I’m glad to have added a recent Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Fitness Professional accreditation to my toolbox. As an avid golfer and a fitness professional, this was a logical next step to help my clients.

For those who don’t know what TPI is, it’s basically the fitness aspect of golf. I’m not a golf pro (yet) but I can look at your physical limitations and see how you can improve your fitness (strength, mobility and stability) so you can improve your golf swing. Most of the work TPI fitness professionals do resolves around a golf screening, which takes people through 12 physical tests to determine limitations.

Depending on the results, individualized exercises will be prescribed to help with those limitations and explain the reasoning behind them. Building awareness through drills and exercises will also make you more informed about the biomechanics of golf. The great thing is there is newfound research on the fitness and biomechanics of golf, and with the help of video analysis, it can propel your game to the next level.

Combining the knowledge of how the body works during the golf swing with over 10 years of coaching will allow me to work with every level of athlete and provide specific tips for each person.

Making you fitter, more flexible and a better athlete will allow you to become a better golfer and most importantly, enjoy it more!