Guest Teachers

Virtual classes with our Guest Teacher:
Denise Lawrence

46 years in the fields of Spirituality and Meditation and author of the Diploma Programs in Education in Values and Spirituality

Wednesdays, May 13th, 20th, 27th and June 3rd

Connect via ZOOM!
ID de réunion : 976 3237 4635

We are honored to receive Sister Denise for 4 Virtual Classes starting Wednesday May 13th, 11 A.M., on the topic of Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation and Value in your life.

Wednesday May 13th

Spirituality and Yoga Practice

What are spirituality, yoga and meditation? This class sets the basis of meditation for a deeper yoga practice. We will explore the path of finding peace and rest as parts of yoga.

Wednesday May 20th
Learn to Meditate

What is meditation? We all wonder what we can expect of meditation. This class focuses on the ways and reasons to meditate.

Wednesday May 27th

Virtues, Power and Spirituality

What is a virtue? Is it a quality? A power? We will explore the need of virtue and power in our life and the reasons to develop them as meaningful way to live our lives.

Wednesday June 3rd
The Power of Transformation

How can a transform myself? Is it possible to change? The word “Karma” is well known but the meaning is sometimes lost. This class is an introduction to the concept of Karma. We will learn its origins and see how we can adapt it.

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B.K. Denise Lawrence

Denise has been studying and practicing raja yoga for more that 45 years.  She is a world traveler, writer, speaker and broadcaster.

A sample of her presentations is available:


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